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As a hatter I make hats according to old traditions and working methods since 2009, only with the best materials and all 100% handmade. The result is a premium product that you can no longer find in hat or clothing stores today. In addition to the popular Indy Fedora hats I also make hats upon request or by photo template. Service and customer satisfaction are my top priorities, so I’m always happy to answer your questions and inquiries.


Thomas Osygus

Information from 23rd May 2022:

I am very sorry to tell you that I can not accept anymore orders for my handmade hats until later this year. A high demand / volume of orders has caused a backlog of about 7-8 months at the moment, which is way too much. I first want to reduce the lead time by fulfilling the orders that came in until today.

Thanks for your understanding!